So a couple of years ago, I wrote a little post on Facebook about auditioning, and the journey to audition and my commitment to complete 100 professional auditions, blah blah blah. 

Shortly after that post, my husband and I moved to the middle of nowhere. While I took full advantage of living somewhere I knew wouldn’t serve my acting career (having a baby, writing and completing 3 screenplays, creating and filming a web series), I am ecstatic to be back in a place that I can actively audition. 

I think I had 13 auditions on my road map before, but I figured with a fresh start, I’d get a fresh roadmap and throw out the others. So, I’m now on 6 auditions (7 this weekend!) with my new roadmap.

I love this challenge because it really helps you to refocus on auditioning as part of the process to develop your career, not necessarily in order to land a part. Check out my freebie! I put my acting roadmap in my bullet journal, and I also have one on the wall in my office. It’s just a quick glance to see how far I’ve come and how far I have to go.

How do you keep track of your auditions?

Join my “100 Audition” Challenge! Take a pre-audition or post-audition shot and #100auditionchallenge #number1 (or whatever number you’re on!) I’d love to see other actors challenging themselves to focus on celebrating the audition.

Hey! Here’s a freebie, no email required. Print out your own roadmap to keep track of your progress.

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