Instant Inspiration: Favorite Vlog Brothers Videos

If you're not familiar with John Green... where have you been? Most people know John Green as the amazing Young Adult novelist behind countless bestsellers, Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars to name a few. What makes him even more incredible is his 10+ year project-turned-lifestyle(?) of a joint-YouTube channel with his younger brother, Hank, [...]

Using the Enneagram for Productivity

Well, well, well. January, my beguiling siren, has arrived. I am always excited for the “fresh start” I imagine is inherent with the new year. Time and time again, I am coaxed into creating goals and plans, DREAMS, for the year ahead, and yet I often get side-tracked long before reaching most of the goals. [...]

Chardonnay: the Next Queen of Whispering Wheels

Meet Chardonnay, a sassy mom-to-be with a heart of gold.

What I Needed to Hear as a New Mom

I have wanted to be a mom for my whole life. I spent much of my childhood snuggling my younger siblings, carrying them around and pretending they were my own. The feeling intensified at various times as I grew up, the longing growing stronger.  When I was 13 and read The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, I [...]

Baby Blues for an Overthinker

Surprise! Two weeks ago, in the middle of the night, my water broke. Less than 6 hours later, my breech baby was delivered via c-section and my dream of becoming a mother came true. My heart swelled and I was on cloud 9. From the time we arrived at the hospital, everything felt surreal. I [...]

How I Am Paying Off Debt Working at Home

I recently learned about an opportunity that I really, really wish I had known about when my job was auditioning in NYC. Now I'm really, really thankful I learned about it as I become a mother. What am I talking about? Teaching from home with VIPKID. VIPKID is a company that pairs you up with international ESL [...]