Dear Leslie… a love letter to Parks and Recreation.

This is hard for me to admit: my first encounter with Parks and Recreation left me underwhelmed. Flipping through the channels with my high school boyfriend, we landed on an episode of P & R and he said, “This show is actually pretty funny.” I gave it a few minutes before switching to something else. [...]

What’s in your toolkit? A look at the enneagram and productivity

I'm not proud of this but I was that 10 year old who read self-improvement books. Even at that age, I was convinced something was lacking in who I was, like everyone had this big secret to life that I wasn’t allowed to know. I didn’t understand this feeling until I learned about the enneagram, [...]

I Left Social Media for a Month: Here’s What Happened

For the month of January, I detoxed from social media. More specifically, I stayed off Facebook and Instagram, but continued using Pinterest (someday I’ll do a Pinterest detox, but not yet). Any moment that wasn’t specifically devoted to a task, I’d reach for my phone and do the scroll. 15 minutes later, sometimes longer, and [...]

Building Your Actor’s Wardrobe on a Budget

Building a wardrobe for auditions is important, but it doesn't have to break the bank! You likely have pieces in your closet that you already wear for most of your auditions or callbacks, but let's take a look at my general list of clothing items I think every actress should have in her closet. -white [...]

100 Auditions: Actor’s Roadmap

So a couple of years ago, I wrote a little post on Facebook about auditioning, and the journey to audition and my commitment to complete 100 professional auditions, blah blah blah.  Shortly after that post, my husband and I moved to the middle of nowhere. While I took full advantage of living somewhere I knew [...]

Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned Selling on Poshmark

I have been reselling clothes on Poshmark for a very short time, and yet I have felt a huge confidence boost in marketing and promoting for my acting and filmmaking career. I thought the only results of selling on Poshmark would be some pocket change and the ability to declutter, but this simple endeavor has [...]