What’s in your toolkit? A look at the enneagram and productivity

I'm not proud of this but I was that 10 year old who read self-improvement books. Even at that age, I was convinced something was lacking in who I was, like everyone had this big secret to life that I wasn’t allowed to know. I didn’t understand this feeling until I learned about the enneagram, [...]

I Left Social Media for a Month: Here’s What Happened

For the month of January, I detoxed from social media. More specifically, I stayed off Facebook and Instagram, but continued using Pinterest (someday I’ll do a Pinterest detox, but not yet). Any moment that wasn’t specifically devoted to a task, I’d reach for my phone and do the scroll. 15 minutes later, sometimes longer, and [...]

Using the Enneagram for Productivity

Well, well, well. January, my beguiling siren, has arrived. I am always excited for the “fresh start” I imagine is inherent with the new year. Time and time again, I am coaxed into creating goals and plans, DREAMS, for the year ahead, and yet I often get side-tracked long before reaching most of the goals. [...]

5 Books Everyone Should Read – Nonfiction Edition!

I recently had coffee with a brand new friend at a cool little bookstore in town. By the end of our conversation, amidst getting to know each other, I had recommended a handful of books. I promised to send her a list so she wouldn't have to try to remember. When I typed up the [...]

Reviewing and Planning in my Bullet Journal

February Review in my Bullet Journal February, I gave myself quite a bit of grace. It's a short month, and I was in Virginia for ten days right in the middle of it. My goals for the month were to really get specific about my long-term goals, work through my stack of plays to read, [...]

Bullet Journaling and other Accountability Tools

Accountability Everyone has at least one major mental obstacle to overcome in order to produce good work. For me, it has always been lack of accountability. This likely stems from my Type B perfectionism, my fear of failure. I have spent a lot of time in the last couple of years trying to be comfortable [...]