I looooove books. I love smelling books, reading books, folding down the pages, writing in the margins. I don’t like using an e-reader because it’s just not the same. 

And yet. Sometimes I come across books that have awesome covers but totally outdated contents. Or torn pages. I love books too much to not make them into something new.

So, here are some crafts I’ve been doing to use up every piece of some books! These envelopes and tags are available on my Etsy shop!

These envelopes are made from a coloring book!
Miniature envelopes from an old children’s book. I love these illustrations!
How fun is this book cover? I had to make it into a handbag, naturally!
Book page confetti!
I’m going to shred these scraps in a blender to make some paper. I found some awesome tutorials for this, I’ll include below!

Here are some great tutorials for book crafts that I love.

See Kate Sew’s “Buy + Diy: Zipper Book Clutch Tutorial!”


365 Days of DIY’s Paper Making

Make Zine’s “How to: Plantable Wildflower or Herb Paper

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