I love to brag about my awesome friends! This space is for sharing and celebrating their accomplishments. (My friends outside of the entertainment industry are equally as awesome).

Check out my friend Mel’s blog, Mel and Del. She and her BFF Delanie share “Career Tips, Women’s Stories, Good Pizza”. They’re adorable and insightful, and focus on fashion and female empowerment! Every week, they celebrate one of their friends with an instagram takeover.

My lovely friend Charly is starring in a tv series for Channel 4 in England! Check out the trailer for her show, Pure. Before filming Pure, Charly wrote a play with her BFF Ellen called Britney. Britney has performed all over the place, and the backstory is incredible (long-story short, Charly had a brain tumor and named it Britney after Britney Spears). 

My pal Billie is just an all-around firecracker and is always. doing. something. Here is the sizzle reel for the play she wrote, Your Alice. It has been all around the globe!

When I first met my friend Emily, it was like I had found a soul sister. Her music is beautiful and she is sweet, down-to-earth, and compassionate.

Tyler Meacham, my Library Freaks partner-in-crime can do anything. She’s got talent out the wazoo, and last year wrote a new song every month. Check out her music and other endeavors.

My lovely friend Scottie is an amazing math teacher and just about the best friend there is. Like, she should write a book about how to be a good friend. It comes so naturally to her, and never ceases to amaze me! Her husband is another annoying cool person like Tyler and can do pretty much anything. Check out his passion project, his band, Wine and War Paint.

I loved my acting class at the Matthew Corzine Studio. Even though I was only there for about three months, I fell in love with my teacher and classmates. One classmate in particular left quite the impression on me, not only for her talents as an actor, but for having one of the best instagram feeds. Then, she launched this amazing career as an illustrator. Check out her work! You might see me toting around her “Bitches Bag”. I also bought three of her RBG bags for Christmas gifts, and they were all huge hits! Lastly, my son got her book “Coco Counts Her Cousin” (written by my career coach, Tessa Faye!) for Christmas. My Christmas was basically presented by Chelsey.