I am an actor and a writer. These are things I have loved dearly my entire life. But shortly after beginning the frantic life of auditioning, I realized that I needed some activities that would take me out of my head and give me a distraction from waiting to hear about callbacks, or facing the dreaded writer’s block. 

I began crafting. Working with paper, embroidering, knitting, anything I could get my hands on! Crafting began feeding my soul, and I realized also fed my acting and writing. It didn’t even have to look good because it wasn’t how I identified myself. But then, of course, after a short-time “playing”, I did want my projects to look good. So I set about making some challenges for myself. One challenge is was to embroider a baby blanket for my nephew.

I had done some embroidery for practice, but was excited to embroider something that would be used. I was a little bit living vicariously through my sister-in-law, and felt inspired to create a few different projects while she was pregnant, and then for my nephew’s first Christmas. The baby blanket was a shower gift, and I loved making it so much, I made one for my son almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I’ve actually listed these blankets on my Etsy shop because I have so much fun making them. 

If you’re just starting out with embroidery, definitely check out thrift stores for supplies. I find floss and hoops at thrift stores all the time. Pick a design, sketch it out (I often draw lightly on the fabric in pencil), and give it a whirl! 

There are several awesome sites online that show you specific stitches, but here are some of my favorites: 




Thanks for stopping by! If you decide to create something, drop a note or a picture down below!

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