Moving along, slowly but surely. I was brave and sent my script to three more people. Sharing my work with others is always scary for me. I think it is for most everyone, even the people who act like it’s no big deal. No matter what you create, you put part of who you are in it. After a few more rounds of this tactic, I’d love to have a script reading, just to hear it out loud. I might end up making my family do this when I’m at my parent’s house in a few weeks.

My office has exploded with my many projects.

I’ve done more research this week, and cleaned up my breakdowns. My goal was to create two budgets, a dream budget and a workable budget. I’ve started reaching out to locations to get a general idea of how much they would charge for filming. 

I’ve also started writing a general interest letter to potential investors, and made a tentative fundraising plan.

I finally sat down to write my business plan

My head hurts. I was up until 3 in the morning, trying to hammer out the details. From all of the reading I’ve done this week, it seems like I’ve got a handful of tasks to complete ASAP in order to really fill out my business plan accurately.

The other two big tasks to complete:

  1. Find a line producer to look over the script and make a shooting schedule. I would do it myself but I don’t have experience with that, and I would definitely overestimate how productive I can be.
  2. Create a marketing plan. This will probably be my main focus in the next week or two, while I wait for friends to give feedback. I don’t want to send my script to a line producer until I have a little bit more feedback, in case I need to make drastic changes. 

I did apply to a couple of grant programs, that accept projects in very early stages. I have done a little bit of research about how to get an investor, and I made a list of “dream” investor/collaborators. 

Messy desk // filmmaking // female filmmaker //

I made a list of all the stuff I think we can get for free, including locations.

My image for this week is a view of my messy desk through my son’s eyes. Truly, I need to clean up my office, but I also feel so much joy about what that mess represents. My son is seeing me work hard to accomplish the things I want to accomplish. He sees me excited to wake up and start the day, excited to work on my projects.

Until next week!

If you’re a filmmaker, what are some of your favorite books about filmmaking?

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