This week I buckled down and I created my film business plan. I’ve been putting it off because I kept thinking, “I don’t know all of this information yet!” I would jot down notes about marketing ideas I had, or goals for distribution, budget, etc. Then I remembered that a business plan is a living document. It’s never going to be perfectly finalized, and if I have these business-like notes strewn about, I might as well combine them formally and make a real business plan.

I really like to have the creative space to dream throughout a business plan, but I know that nothing will happen if I don’t have structure. So here’s what I did: I made a dreamy business plan in my bullet journal, with general categories and things to think about, and space to jot down my thoughts. Then I went into the Small Business Administration website and used their business plan tool to create my formal, organized plan.

I decided to use the SBA business plan template instead of an official film business plan template because personally, it held me more accountable for doing the research instead of relying on a film business plan that would guide me through what that particular filmmaker thought was important for their plan. But to each her own!

I also created a vision board. I already sort of had one on Pinterest, and while I’m Pinterest-obsessed, I opened a tumblr account because I think the platform fits my film vision better in general.

Here are some of the awesome resources I have been using for researching:

Amy Clarke Films- her site is amazing in and of itself, and this link I’ve included is her list of the best blogs and YouTube channels for filmmakers.

Jason Brubaker’s Filmmaking Stuff– I downloaded his Filmmaker Checklist and I absolutely love it. He’s got some super helpful stuff on his site.

The Film Collaborative– Great information about distribution, social media for filmmakers, and more!

Check back next week!

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