This week. Was. Crazy.

We’re almost one week away from my big brother getting married, so we’ve been 1) Washing China, 2) painting blankets, 3) doing yard work and 4) trying not to totally freak out. 

I had a meeting on Tuesday about the play that I wrote, and I’ve been editing since.

I’m revamping my Etsy shop and preparing to launch new products.

I taught 14 classes this week with VIPKID.

I’m still trying to figure out how to use my time wisely. Waking up early to teach means I am exhausted by 10 P.M. My son still hasn’t readjusted to his naps in his pack n play at my parents house, so I can’t do much until he goes to sleep at night. It has been exhausting. But I have continued sourcing clothes for Poshmark and the wardrobe for the film.

I am trusting that after the wedding, I can re-focus on the film. In the meantime, just trying to survive!

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