This is my evolving list of micro-actions I must complete in order to make and promote my film, Pixie. Expect posts about the tasks that sound funny or unusual.

  1. Finish writing script 
  2. Bulk up Stella’s story
  3. Check each scene for the 3 questions (objectives, obstacles, and why do we care?)
  4. Send to friends and ask for feedback
  5. Edit script
  6. Make character boards (probably on Pinterest)
  7. Print boards and add to film binder
  8. Read about social media audience growth (something that makes me feel itchy, but I will write a post on this later!)
  9. Find and take SEO course
  10. Find a director
  11. Find a DP
  12. Find producers
  13. Research how to get an investor
  14. Make a list of possible investors
  15. Approach investors!
  16. Read Save the Cat
  17. Read 3 more filmmaking books
  18. Take several filmmaking courses online
  19. Listen to a filmmaking podcast
  20. Take promo shots
  21. Create social media channels for the film
  22. List of blogs/magazines that could feature the film/process
  23. Reach out to Dream Collaborators
  24. Set up a Patreon account
  25. Set up crowdfunding campaigns
  26. Create a realistic budget
  27. Make a list of everything we could get for free
  28. Create breakdowns
  29. Come up with a marketing plan
  30. Enact marketing plan!
  31. Come up with fundraising plan
  32. Enact fundraising plan!
  33. Create a website for the film
  34. Contact musician friends- talk to them about writing a song for the movie
  35. Talk to friend for soundtrack help
  36. Assemble my team
  37. Talk to friend about casting
  38. Make casting notice
  39. Hold auditions
  40. Cast it
  41. Collect props
  42. Assemble wardrobe
  43. Find filmmaking groups/forums/online communities
  44. Look into distribution route
  45. Find interns/hair/makeup/wardrobe assistant
  46. Make film business plan
  47. Find a lawyer to talk to
  48. Make a list of everything we could get for free for the film
  49. Pick a tentative production date
  50. Research other independent filmmakers
  51. Fill out Film Workbook
  52. Research pros and cons of starting a production company to make a film
  53. Research ways to keep cast and crew healthy during filming
  54. Research editors- talk to friend to see who she could recommend
  55. Recurring: wardrobe scouting, posting on Poshmark
  56. Recurring: writing about the filmmaking journey
  57. Reach out to local places about filming
  58. Reach out to companies about sponsorship
  59. Research and apply to grants
  60. Research and apply to loans
  61. Assemble cast and crew survival kits
  62. Insist everyone on the team find out their Enneagram number
  63. Assemble books and activities to keep on set
  64. Learn how to not be totally overbearing
  65. Come up with a list of rewards for crowdfunding campaign
  66. Make a list of filming choices in movies and tv shows that I love
  67. Come up with a better logline

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