I am unable to focus. Not just right now, but most of the time. I get distracted by new ideas. Not just one or two, but ten. Ten new ideas this week, for business, stories, etc. Even within a project, I get distracted. I was supposed to finish writing my screenplay before I did ANYTHING ELSE for the film. Before I started building wardrobe ideas, or researching film grants, or any of the other myriad of things I did this week before I finished writing the screenplay. I get distracted. I love new ideas. I love when new ideas pop into my head randomly, and when ideas come as a result of problem solving. I am waiting for the day when someone hires me to come up with ideas. 

So, what exactly did I do, if not finish the screenplay? Let me tell ya some specifics.

I started researching everything from the best film books for beginners to ways to keep cast and crew healthy during filming. 

And then I made a list of things I still need to research.

Mainly, I freaked out about money and budgeting. The research came in handy in some ways (creative funding), but in others, it just made everything more overwhelming (typical film costs, etc). I did what any responsible indebted person did, and I went to Goodwill so I could spend more money than I meant to.

 I looked at the books to see if there were any about filmmaking or starting a business. Na-da. I looked at the craft supplies because I always do. Zilch. Then, I went through the clothes. I don’t often look at the clothes, but I as in that hyper-shopping mode where I just really wanted to buy something. That’s when I found a really nice pair of Lululemon pants. I don’t even wear Lululemon, but they were really nice, and $3, so I grabbed them.

 Next, I found a beautiful dress that, if I were to draw myself as a storybook character, this is the dress I would be wearing (oh wait, I did do that, and the dress is eerily similar). Not only was it the perfect dress for me, for auditioning, for anything I could think of, but it was the perfect dress for this character, Pixie. Into the cart it went. The dress was from mod cloth, and it too was $3. So that’s when I got this kind of wacky idea. Maybe I could try my hand at re-selling clothes. I went aisle by aisle, and grabbed whatever I could find that matched the following criteria: 

  1. less than $5
  2. Could be worn by one of the characters in my movie
  3. Quality materials and well-known brand (cause that’s what sells, not because I’m a snob! I mean, a little bit, but not much)

You would not believe what I found. I want to do a thrift haul video about what I got because I am still astonished at the J. Crew, anthropologie, Bloomingdale’s clothes I was able to score. So, I’m listing the clothes that I find, and whatever doesn’t sell will be used in the movie. Check out the sidebar for my closet!

This was one of my goals for this year, but especially in filmmaking: finding ways to make everything I do work for me, in more than one way. In fact, in as many ways as possible! It’s unlikely I’ll be able to hire a wardrobe designer, so I was going to be thrifting for this project anyway. There’s the added bonus of making money for the film. And lastly, in order to make sales you *must* take good photographs, so I’ve had to do some learning about photography and actually have some cool stylized flat lays out of this! I themed some of them around my characters, and others around various projects I’ve got going on, so I can use them for my blog. 

As I said, this week got totally out of hand, but I am excited about some of these decisions I’ve made about the project!

For my filmmaker friends, what’s the hardest thing to motivate yourself to do for your project? What creative ideas do you have for fundraising?

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