Hey there, film friends!

This week,

I made a list of micro-actions to get me started down this journey.

I finished the freakin’ screenplay.

I sent it to a friend.*

*Not in that order.

Here’s what this really looked like. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I obsessively made notes as they came to me, about any little thing to do with Pixie. My notes are a scattered mess in my notebook.

 Wednesday night, I stayed up a little bit late and put some finishing touches on the second draft of another screenplay I wrote, with the intention of staying up to finish Pixie as well. I did not. Instead, I sat for a minute, couldn’t think of anything to add to the script, and sent it to one my dearest, oldest friends. This was at 3 in the morning, and I rambled on about the story, and answered some questions I thought she might have about the script.

The next day I woke up, and thought about the questions I had preemptively answered. That was kind of a clue as to what I might need to add, yes? So, I brainstormed throughout the day, and when bambino had gone to sleep, I wrote. I wrote about 1200 words. I re-sent it to my friend, and explained that I had updated it, and she should read this new version if she hadn’t started yet. She told me she was going to read it over the weekend, and thus had not started it!

Friday, I sat down and actually wrote out my notes from my notebook, in “to-do” format. I’m calling this my Massive List of Microactions. So far, there are about 65, but there will be many more as I go! This list is not concrete. Friday evening, I had a brain blast (yes, exactly like Jimmy Neutron) and I sat down to add an element to the story that I think really ties it all together. I wanted to cry when I had this new idea. So of course, after I wrote it and finally felt at peace with the script, I sent it yet again to my dear, patient friend. 

It’s always, always terrifying to me to send my work to friends. Thankfully, I have many friends whom I trust with my tenderness and vulnerability. These are the friends to approach, especially in the beginning. You need support before you need tough love. Just my opinion, but in the past, it’s led me in the right direction! 

Who is your #1 person to share your work with?

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