I recently learned about an opportunity that I really, really wish I had known about when my job was auditioning in NYC. Now I’m really, really thankful I learned about it as I become a mother.

What am I talking about? Teaching from home with VIPKID. VIPKID is a company that pairs you up with international ESL students. You teach through their website in a one-on-one video chat classroom. If you have teaching experience (and it can be minimal- volunteering with the childcare at your church, babysitting, etc.) and you are interested in flexible work, you should definitely consider this opportunity.

People Who Should Consider VIPKID

  1. Stay-at-home parents- many teachers with VIPKID talk about the joys of teaching for a couple of hours in the morning before the kids even wake up, allowing them to stay with their children during the day.
  2. Actors (especially those actively auditioning)– again, I really wish I had known about this opportunity when I lived in Brooklyn. It’s hard to balance auditioning, taking classes, and working. Usually, one has to be sacrificed. I babysat in New York and it was difficult to find people who needed consistent work outside of audition hours. With VIPKID, the peak hours are in the morning. For my time zone, the peak hours are 5-7:30 AM. AND you set your own hours!
  3. People looking for a second job- anyone who is looking for supplemental income. You can be finished working with VIPKID by the time you have to start getting ready for a 9-5.
  4. Anyone looking for a meaningful work experience- Teaching is such a rewarding job! It feels incredible when you start to have consistent students and you see them develop their English language skills.

Things to Note

  • Starting out, your bookings will probably be low. Don’t quit your day job if you need a dependable income when you’re first starting out.
  • Your pay is based on teaching experience, but there is a lot of flexibility and room for growth/incentives.
  • I have only been teaching with VIPKID for 45 days, so I am nowhere near an expert!
  • Yes, the mornings are rough. I am someone who doesn’t easily get out of bed before 10 AM (at the earliest) and 45 days in, I have adjusted to getting up earlier. And hey, if you’re a fellow expecting mama, everyone keeps telling me it’s good training for the wacky sleep ahead with a newborn!
  • There is an “audition” process… kind of. As an actor, I’m inclined to call it what it is. Officially, VIPKID calls it an interview, but it really feels like an audition. You’re given all the materials (for the “interview” and for the classes that you teach- that’s right, no lesson planning. Ever.) and asked to become familiar with the lesson plan and present it like you’re teaching a child. You can record this demo class or elect to have a VIPKID mentor live-interview you and they pretend to be the child. I recorded mine, but I think most people do end up going with the live interview.
  • There are a few steps in the process, and after your initial “interview”, there’s a call-back, I mean… second “interview” (: – this time, it cannot be recorded but must be completed live, with a VIPKID mentor.
  • YouTube is a wealth of knowledge in the preparation process. I watched a few different videos from current VIPKID teachers to learn special tricks for the interviews!
  • As with anything, there is good and bad. Be smart about your research- don’t take my word for it. Look around the internet, see what you find. So far, I truly only have positive things to say about the company.


To start the process, visit the VIPKID website right here.

*Full disclosure: the link above is a referral link. I get a referral incentive for anyone who uses my link and successfully becomes a teacher with VIPKID. Thanks for helping fund my film!

Do you have any questions about VIPKID?

8 comments on “How I Am Paying Off Debt Working at Home

  • Autumn Murray

    I have never heard of VIPKID before. Sounds like a great way to make some extra money. I hope you get the money to fund your film!

    • gracebythebook

      Thanks, Autumn!

  • Nakisha Blain

    Awesome, helpful article!

    • gracebythebook

      Thank you!

  • Ana Jacqueline

    Making money while working from home AND doing something you enjoy! Definitely a win-win situation.

    • gracebythebook

      It really is!

  • Clarice

    This is good news. I have a couple of friends who are online tutors but their rate is not that good. Just shared your post with them. Thank you for sharing this opportunity.

    • gracebythebook

      I have tried other tutoring programs, and I was pleasantly surprised with VIPKID! Thanks for reading and sharing.

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