If you’re not familiar with John Green… where have you been?

Most people know John Green as the amazing Young Adult novelist behind countless bestsellers, Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars to name a few. What makes him even more incredible is his 10+ year project-turned-lifestyle(?) of a joint-YouTube channel with his younger brother, Hank, where they share their thoughts and musings on pretty much everything.

When I was working on projects for my wedding a few summers ago, I went to their earliest videos from 2007, and binge-watched all of them, in order. I fell in love. I have saved several of their videos to keep handy, often because of the way they have succinctly articulated ideas that I myself have had. Here are some of my very favorites:


Is the Gender Pay Gap Real? – YouTube

Why the Word “Millennial” Makes me Cringe – YouTube

Is Obamacare Working? The Affordable Care Act Five Years Later – YouTube

Thoughts from the Edge – YouTube

Will Life Get Better for the Poor? – YouTube

Ten Terrible Reason to not Vote (and two good ones) – YouTube

Listen: Thoughts from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – YouTube

Reflections: Day 70 | 100 Days – YouTube

Cheyenne, Wyoming – YouTube





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