You know how sometimes life just doesn’t seem to be going… well? The way you planned? I’ve been in this predicament for a little while now. It feels like I’m reading a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book, and I keep flipping to the wrong pages. I decided, it’s time for some big changes.

I did what I thought anyone would do in my situation. I googled “Women getting her life together montage” and was seriously disappointed, especially when one result simply started out by saying, “getting your life together is not going to look like a movie montage”. I couldn’t find a satisfactory list of montages, so I flipped through my pop culture rolodex (I’m not actually old enough to have ever used a rolodex) and thought about how beautifully Mindy Lahiri and Liz Lemon pulled themselves together. Next, I thought about Cher Horowitz and her makeover of the soul. I know it’s a slow process. I really do. But I also believe some of the physical actions of getting your life together (deep cleaning your home, decluttering, etc. etc.) can absolutely be accomplished while listening to an upbeat song that moves the story along and inspires change.

All of this to say, changes are coming my way. Right now, I feel like I have so much stuff- in my head, in my heart, in my studio- that I can’t even focus on the deeper rooted issues or identify my harmful habits. I mean, obviously I have a television issue, but what’s that really about?

Parts of this “journey” (yuck) will be slow and meticulous, and some will seem frivolous and shallow. Either way, I am looking forward to clearing out the junk that is fogging up my life and making room for lightness and love. Let’s do this.

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