My son turned one last week. I cannot believe it. I cannot believe how big and funny he is getting, and I especially cannot believe that I’ve been a mom for a year now.

Naturally, I had grand visions of his first birthday party in mind. Unfortunately, we are still pretty new to our new home, and have about 10 friends. I was disappointed that our families weren’t here to celebrate with us. So, here is how we celebrated.


Of course, we did have a small party with our new friends. I painted a banner reading “this is where the wild things are”. I also found large sticks in our yard that I tied to his high-chair. Holding each stick flesh against the back legs, I wrapped yarn tightly all the way up and down the stick/leg and tied it very tightly! I wanted to hang pom poms to the top, but there wasn’t time.

Where the Wild Things Are might be Sendak’s most popular, but In the Night Kitchen is my other favorite Sendak. I also absolutely love Dear Mili, a Grimm story Sendak illustrated.

I made a cake for Caspian, and cupcakes for the guests. I have accepted that decorating/icing desserts is just not my gift. I intentionally left the icing white so Caspian wouldn’t stain his outfit when he smashed into the cake, and (as I predicted) picked the cake up and hugged it.


I found these little party hats and pom poms separately at Goodwill, and decided to hot glue them together at the last minute! A simple way to make mini party hats (already cute) even cuter!

To see how we celebrated with our long-distance loved ones, check out my post: Party in a Box!

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