Everyone has at least one major mental obstacle to overcome in order to produce good work. For me, it has always been lack of accountability. This likely stems from my Type B perfectionism, my fear of failure. I have spent a lot of time in the last couple of years trying to be comfortable letting go of or sharing projects that are not perfect, and sometimes, not very good at all. This has helped me to create more in general, but I still struggle with accountability and follow-through.

I’ve always been a wild dreamer, constantly coming up with new ideas, each one bigger than the one before. I fall in love with an idea, and even often plot and plan with an idea, only to abandon it after a few weeks at most. Now, with my first baby less than 100 days away, I am coming to grips with the fact that if I don’t figure out some sort of accountability system now, I might never have one… yikes! That sounds dramatic, but it will definitely become more challenging when I have kids! So, here are the tools I’m employing:



Bullet Journaling

I have a feeling I’m not alone in my struggle with bullet journaling. They’re flexible, they allow for creativity, and if you’ve spent any time perusing “bujo” on Pinterest or Instagram, you know they have the potential, nay, the obligation to be gosh darn gorgeous. Well, I’m very drawn to aesthetics. I’m a visual person, an artist who grew up in an artist’s home- if something can be aesthetically pleasing, it should be!

However, in my time with the bullet journal, I end up spending hours preparing my spreads, carefully outlining in pencil and then tracing in ink, and adding color wherever I can, only to totally neglect my bujo the next day, and never end up filling in my immaculate habit tracker. Until I am comfortable with my routine and keeping up with the my bujo constituently, I am cutting the frills and sass and sticking to a black pen for the time-being. The whole point of the bullet journal system is simplicity, and that’s something I never achieved when I was trying to cute-it-up. That being said, I am excited for the day I can go back to making it pretty. Let’s be real.bullet journal goal setting page 12 week roadmap

***Are you totally lost? Did I just ramble on about something you didn’t understand/have never heard of? Check out these resources for the Bullet Journal:

  • the original:


From The Perfect Man (amazing Hillary Duff movie) to Sex and the City, I grew up admiring women who kept blogs. Of course, on screen it seems really effortless and worthwhile to blog. That assumption led me to starting somewhere between 3 and 5 blogs from the ages of 16 to 22.

Talk about lack of accountability. They were totally all over the place. I never attempted to share them with enough people that I felt pressure to keep writing, or follow-through about the ideas I publicly declared online. Despite my earlier failings, I do think blogs can be great for accountability and keeping people honest. My goal is to blog regularly and have enough readers who will help hold me accountable for following-through on ideas.


This is a trick I’ve read about a lot on Pinterest, and have tried out with some success. Time-blocking can be useful for any scenario. Especially for anyone who works at home who is not naturally gifted at time management. It’s a good way to batch items from your to-do list and reframe tasks in a way that makes them feel more do-able. Trick your brain! That’s the real key to productivity (he he).


What are your tricks and tips for productivity?

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