My son and I are flying to the East Coast soon to help prepare for my brother’s wedding. I’m super excited about this, but it does mean leaving behind my Etsy shop and my Poshmark closet for about 6 weeks. That’s quite a long time, so I didn’t want to close up shop. Instead, my husband will be taking over the shipping aspect of my business for the time being, and I will add new items on the go.

I tend to keep my space messy. I tell myself it helps me to be more creative, but I secretly know it really just kills my productivity. In order to make things easier on my husband, I set up a little shipping station! I used this secretary from my great-grandmother to store my shipping supplies. This is probably my favorite piece of furniture we own. It doesn’t really go with my modern aesthetic, but I love it anyway.

I have my packing tape, twine, and tissue paper here. Also these tiny clothespins! I don’t have a super fancy system yet, but I love the way tissue paper makes everything look more precious. I don’t LOVE that it feels wasteful. I’d love to explore eco-friendlier options.

I do re-use package materials. as long as the previous label is covered, you’re good to go. I also do have some boxes I ordered from USPS for free, but I’m going to use these others first.  

Also, I made these little “thank you” cards for my customers. The Virginia Woolf ghost on the back is a reference to my play, Scribble Itch. More on that another day! I just thought it was a fun little addition.

I have my Poshmark closet on a rack currently. I have about 70 items, which is a relatively small closet for that platform, so it all fits in one place for now. We went over where everything is, and how to pack up the products, but I imagine we’ll be doing some FaceTime tutorials when the time comes.

7 comments on “My Shipping Station

  • Flossie McCowald

    How awesome that you did this for him! I used to have an online bookstore (through the now defunct and I too found that setting up a “shipping station” was essential, and made the process SO much easier! 🙂

  • Laura

    I am exactly the same about my disorganised, chaotic desk. I want to believe it fuels my creativity but it actually overwhelms me BUT when its super organised I get frustrated because I can’t find anything.

    • gracebythebook

      Laura, I feel you! It’s such a conundrum!

  • Anna

    This is such a great idea!! I need a shipping station!! I sell things on Poshmark and whenever I make a sale, I run around frantic looking for all of the materials to get it shipped out the door. Thank you for sharing!

    • gracebythebook

      It makes things wayyyy easier!

  • Mama Writes Reviews

    I used to have a shipping station for my Etsy shop and it made my life SO MUCH EASIER! I reallllllllly need to take back my nook.

    • gracebythebook

      Do it! Claim your nook! (:

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