Filmmaking Journey: Week 8

Giiiiiirl. This week. Was. Crazy. We’re almost one week away from my big brother getting married, so we’ve been 1) Washing China, 2) painting blankets, 3) doing yard work and 4) trying not to totally freak out.  I had a meeting on Tuesday about the play that I wrote, and I’ve been editing since. I’m [...]

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Filmmaking Journey Week 7

This week I flew to the East Coast to help prepare for my older brother's wedding. So in the midst of being busy with wedding stuff and in general being surrounded by the loving chaos of my family, my progress on the film front has slowed. I planned on this happening, but I am trying [...]

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Dear Leslie… a love letter to Parks and Recreation.

This is hard for me to admit: my first encounter with Parks and Recreation left me underwhelmed. Flipping through the channels with my high school boyfriend, we landed on an episode of P & R and he said, “This show is actually pretty funny.” I gave it a few minutes before switching to something else. [...]

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Crafting with Books

I looooove books. I love smelling books, reading books, folding down the pages, writing in the margins. I don’t like using an e-reader because it’s just not the same.  And yet. Sometimes I come across books that have awesome covers but totally outdated contents. Or torn pages. I love books too much to not make [...]

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Filmmaking Journey Week 6

This week I buckled down and I created my film business plan. I've been putting it off because I kept thinking, "I don't know all of this information yet!" I would jot down notes about marketing ideas I had, or goals for distribution, budget, etc. Then I remembered that a business plan is a living [...]

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Minimalist by Necessity

Flying with a baby means that my carry-on and check-on bags have been taken over with baby stuff. So I’m slowly becoming a minimalist. Not a real one, and not out of choice. It’s out of necessity. So, this is what I’ve whittled down to for my hygiene and beauty products for the next 6 [...]

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What’s in your toolkit? A look at the enneagram and productivity

I'm not proud of this but I was that 10 year old who read self-improvement books. Even at that age, I was convinced something was lacking in who I was, like everyone had this big secret to life that I wasn’t allowed to know. I didn’t understand this feeling until I learned about the enneagram, [...]

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Filmmaking Journey Week 5

Started reading how to shoot a feature film for under $10,000 this week! Between teaching with VIPKID, and sandwiched between weekend auditions, I definitely wasn't focused on researching for the film this week. I'm revisiting my list of micro-actions and assigning specific tasks over the next several weeks. I'm just one week away from flying out to my parent's house for wedding prep, [...]

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I Left Social Media for a Month: Here’s What Happened

For the month of January, I detoxed from social media. More specifically, I stayed off Facebook and Instagram, but continued using Pinterest (someday I’ll do a Pinterest detox, but not yet). Any moment that wasn’t specifically devoted to a task, I’d reach for my phone and do the scroll. 15 minutes later, sometimes longer, and [...]

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My Shipping Station

My son and I are flying to the East Coast soon to help prepare for my brother’s wedding. I’m super excited about this, but it does mean leaving behind my Etsy shop and my Poshmark closet for about 6 weeks. That’s quite a long time, so I didn’t want to close up shop. Instead, my [...]

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