With my son’s first birthday fast approaching, I was desperate to celebrate and party with our loved ones who live on the other side of the country. I wanted to share with them the little bursting joy in my heart. Then it hit me: I would send our family members a party in a box (er, a bag).


In order to share the bursting feeling, I knew I needed to pack the little bags full to the brim, with treats and goodies. I was able to get a lot of this stuff from our local Goodwill!

I love thrift stores. This post is not sponsored by thrift stores, but it might as well be.


I made these little pom poms and tassels, and strung them together to make a mini garland for the card!


Each bag contained: a tattoo, a balloon, Project 7 Birthday Cake Gum, a party hat or crown, a coloring page of baby’s face (the Colorscapes app allows you to create a coloring page of your own images), colored pencils, a mini magnifying glass, and other assorted goodies.

These bags were so fun, and a sweet way to include family from a distance!

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