I love to create.

I love my people.

I love God’s big, green, beautiful earth.


I have done some thinking bout how to reconcile these truths, because at times it can be difficult. On top of trying to live my values, I am also a parent, and I am not made of money. Upon consideration, I have come to a handful of conclusions, or guiding principles, and personal challenges rather than hard-fast rules.

I will admit, I could be kinder to Mother Earth. For various reasons, I do not use cloth diapers. I try to live zero waste in most areas of my life, to make up for the guilt this causes me. I am also an artist, which doesn’t always tend towards eco-friendliness.

This is a process. I have been fortunate in my luck at finding awesome art supplies at thrift stores, but it’s more than just having the materials. It’s about being resourceful. Thankfully, my parents have taught me a lot about being creative and resourceful. In the past, I have been a bit of a hoarder of craft materials. If I found yarn, felt or fun fabric at Goodwill, I snatched it up. I have been able to use much of the yarn and fabric but my stash of felt scraps has grown quite large and I don’t want to just throw away. Thus, I am working on several felt projects at the moment. But what I am most excited about at the moment is my “Bedsheet Challenge”. I have two bedsheets that I got, each for $3, that I am excited to use. One of the sheets will be used to make a toy swoop bag for Milo and a skirt! The other one is still up in the air!

I also had a sweater that I adored, but was just too itchy to wear. I deconstructed the sweater, unraveling the yarn meticulously. Next I created felt balls from the yarn. Then I made a mobile for my son!


I love repurposing! Do you have something hanging around you’d like to repurpose?

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