Reviewing and Planning in my Bullet Journal

February Review in my Bullet Journal

February, I gave myself quite a bit of grace. It’s a short month, and I was in Virginia for ten days right in the middle of it.

My goals for the month were to really get specific about my long-term goals, work through my stack of plays to read, and work through my pre-baby to-do list. In regards to these plans, I feel decently accomplished about the past month. I carved out a space for me to note what needs to be improved for March, and what actions I can take to make those improvements. Yay


Plans/Goals for March

I am simultaneously trying to be patient/realistic, yet hustling/super-productive. I am a mere 9 weeks away from my due date! So yes, I will be tired and could have the baby early, and don’t need to beat myself up about accomplishing my lists by the time baby arrives, but the fact that the baby is on his way means I need to be making the most of my time now and prioritize the things that will be easier without a baby (like everything, right? But seriously, there are definitely things that will be more do-able with a sleeping/nursing baby than others!).


Goals for March: 

  • Teach at least 40 classes with VIPKID
  • (I have 30 booked through the next 9 days, so this feels like a low-bar to set, but 40 is my overall monthly goal)
  • Launch my new Creating characters project
  • Write daily and revisit the outline of the novel I’m working on
  • Post 3x a week on my blog and prep 12 posts for “maternity leave”
  • Deep clean and declutter our house
  • Baby prep crafts and hospital bag packing and reading and trying not to lose my mind!





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