Filmmaking Journey Week 4

It’s been another week of research and sending out my screenplay for friends and family to read. My husband finally read it, and my older brother is about to read it. In the meantime, some calligraphy materials arrived earlier this week, so I’ve been distracting myself with creating artwork. Since I’m mainly waiting for people [...]

Filmmaking Week 2

Hey there, film friends! This week, I made a list of micro-actions to get me started down this journey. I finished the freakin’ screenplay. I sent it to a friend.* *Not in that order. Here’s what this really looked like. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I obsessively made notes as they came to me, about any little [...]

Filmmaking Week 1

I am unable to focus. Not just right now, but most of the time. I get distracted by new ideas. Not just one or two, but ten. Ten new ideas this week, for business, stories, etc. Even within a project, I get distracted. I was supposed to finish writing my screenplay before I did ANYTHING [...]

Filmmaking Micro-actions

This is my evolving list of micro-actions I must complete in order to make and promote my film, Pixie. Expect posts about the tasks that sound funny or unusual. Finish writing script  Bulk up Stella’s story Check each scene for the 3 questions (objectives, obstacles, and why do we care?) Send to friends and ask [...]

There’s Room at the Top: My Filmmaking Journey

When I first shared the idea for Pixie with my husband, it looked very different. It was essentially an upside down manic pixie dream girl story, with the same calculation on Pixie’s part, but a love story nonetheless. I told him I wanted to sell the script. As I began writing, I changed my mind. [...]