There’s Room at the Top: My Filmmaking Journey

When I first shared the idea for Pixie with my husband, it looked very different. It was essentially an upside down manic pixie dream girl story, with the same calculation on Pixie’s part, but a love story nonetheless. I told him I wanted to sell the script. As I began writing, I changed my mind. [...]

My Practical, Beautiful Journey Chasing Daring Dreams

Audition It Up in the City A little over a year ago, I wrote this loooong post on Facebook about auditioning: I've had several questions from family and friends recently about my auditions and various posts and whether or not I've gotten any acting jobs lately, so I figured I'd post an explanation for all [...]

Letting Someone Into Your World

It was a rainy Indiana day in November, an hour into a playdate with the boy I had the biggest crush on. My kindergarten self could hardly stand the excitement, and I was game for anything. We had played a few rounds of Hungry, Hungry, Hippo but what he really wanted to do was play [...]