About two years ago, I painted this picture.

I thought about what I wanted, and I did some doodling, and ended up drawing this picture of myself, baby strapped to my front, various artistic materials on my person. I was jazzed up by seeing this image of myself that I had created, and I draw it up nice and big and painted it. I was not pregnant yet, and I hadn’t really done much of anything other than sit around my new house and read (which was heavenly in so many ways, but also kind of the worst).

Shortly after I painted this, I wrote my first screenplay. Then I wrote another. The second one became Library Freaks. By the time we were filming Library Freaks, I was 5 weeks pregnant. I already had my doubts about my ability to have the career I wanted, and those doubts doubled after I got pregnant. But, I had this daily reminder up on my wall that everyone creates the person that they are. We have outside forces that influence us, but ultimately we have the creative tools to make decisions and react, and that shapes who we are. I looked at my situation and how, though I had some obstacles, I also have quite a bit of privilege and opportunity.

I challenge you to take some time this week and imagine the person you want to be, whether that’s literally drawing that person out, pinning images to a secret board (I totally have one of these and it’s almost entirely pictures of Kate Middleton doing good deeds and one picture of Judd Apatow), or just jotting down some thoughts about this person.

If you feel inspired and want to share what you came up with, leave a comment below!

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