A while back, my husband and I had a party. He made a giant jenga set. After the party, we left the game outside, and our dogs eventually got a hold of it. They chewed on a lot of the pieces. I didn’t want to just throw away the set as that felt extremely wasteful. So instead, I hatched a plan.


I soaked the pieces in our tub, and then I scrubbed them clean with soap and water. I rinsed each piece very well, and toweled the pieces off. After I washed each piece, I put them back outside, up on the ledge of our deck, but just for one day.


After the pieces were dry, I sanded them.


I sanded a lot of them. But then I let my husband sand them for a second round. He also cut some of the pieces to be interesting shapes for building blocks. Naturally, some of the blocks had big missing chunks from where the dogs had been chewing. That’s why I call these “wonky blocks”.

After the cutting and sanding were finished, I painted the blocks with chalk paint. For now, it just means Caspian’s blocks are black and cool-looking, but when he’s a little bit older, he can decorate these blocks with chalk.


This was quite the process (initially, the blocks were Christmas presents, but they became a birthday present instead), but they were actually kind of fun to make!

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